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Some drugs that are known to treat heroin addiction can also be addicting and these include the drug called methadone. Coming from the opioid family, this drug is also called Methadose, Symoron, Amidone and Dolphine. In heroin addiction treatment, the patient can have withdrawal symptoms and this drug is often prescribed by physicians to treat such symptoms. Which is why most physicians prescribe this drug to those who are trying to cope up with the symptoms there body goes through when treating their drug addiction. It is also good to point out that this drug is not just for the treatment of symptoms as it also helps in preventing serious medical problems that may occur such as heart attack and stroke.

If you are an addict and you wish to quit using drugs, methadone is one of the most effective first step for you to take. This is because it helps the patients undergoing heroin addiction treatment to prevent getting withdrawal symptoms that may be very hard for them to control. Depending on the patient's level of addiction, the withdrawal symptoms can take several weeks and even months. For some of the patients, it can also be a lifetime struggle. Yet if you are an addict who wishes to transform your life and live a completely drug free one, you will do everything to kick your drug addiction out of your life. You can guarantee that Methadone will bring back the life you lost due to you drug addiction but before undergoing treatment, it is very important to seek medical assistance first. It is always best to consult an expert first because they can recommend you the best treatment for your addiction and give you all the information that you need to know.

In going away from heroin addiction, drug detox is very important. But trying to live a drug free life could cause you to experience withdrawal symptoms that could be serious like nausea, anxiety, agitation, muscle tension and muscle aches, severe headaches and many more. You will also have a lot of physical discomforts such as a feverish feeling and being all sweaty and sometimes, you can be severely anxious to the point where you can get mild depression.

Although the symptoms vary from each person, it also important to consider that they can be serious too and it may worry the patient as well as the people around him who are concerned about his health and safety. The risk of getting the symptoms may be high but with proper medication and the right mind set, you can absolutely reform yourself and be free from drugs. Visit a physician now and ask about Methadone if you are looking for an effective medication assisted treatment for your drug addiction.
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